Anastasia Snyder

Anastasia Snyder (Ink Rose 98) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful, teen Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer.


Ink Rose is an artist, writer, and voice actress in the brony fandom, well known for her headcanon backstory series she created on YouTube. With almost 100,000 subscribers, she is one of the most popular brony YouTubers.


On the artistic side of things, she is an avid digital illustrator, working heavily with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. She loves attending conventions where she showcases her work. She feels seeing people’s reactions to her creations is one of the best parts of being an artist. In terms of voice acting, she has performed in multiple fan dubs of comics and video games, including her comic series, Ladies’ Man Link.


Currently, she is working on her original story “Dragon Queen”, and hopes to publish it as a novel sometime in the future. Her goal is to become a professional writer, and a concept artist.


A veteran kid entrepreneur, she began her first business, Anya's Bakery, at the age of six years. Her next venture, Lovin' It Loops, involved making and selling knitted goods. She has been featured on Good Morning America and in Forbes.


She is on the Youth Advisory Board of the non-profit, Make A Difference Entrepreneurs, MADE where she is co-hosting a number of episodes of the TV series, GET MADE!