Video Game Partner

An interactive and causal video game studio, Tangerine Pop is focused on becoming the eminent developer of multi-player games built for cross-device play including social networking (Facebook), mobile (iPhone, Android, etc.), tablet (iPad, Dell Streak, Motorrola Xoom, etc.), casual MMO and interactive TV (Google & Apple TV).


The combined team is a deep and diverse mix of exceptional multi-media talent, who have lent their skills to the likes of: Disney, Pixar, ILM, EA, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network.com, LeapFrog, Nike, The Beatles, Wild Brain, Klasky-Csupo, SBC, and Pepsico.


Web & Mobile App Partner

Capella Solutions offers Web Development, Mobile & IT Solutions Services. Kazap has partnered with Capella to create innovative web and mobile apps.